The Towel Two Step

Scabbacombe is unofficially a naturist beach, though what The National Trust who own it might think about that I’m not sure.

Wild Swimming
Wild Swimming

Now, if you want to go and take your clothes off and lie in the sun then fair enough Scabbacombe is quite discrete as beaches go.

The key word in that sentence is ‘discrete’.

This is a public beach, people take the kids there and whilst nudity is the natural state there is a subtle difference between ‘lie in the sun’ and ‘sprawl in the sun’.  And, discrete to display to flaunt to flashing is a continuum that means different things to different people under different circumstances.

I am however aware that I am to some degree in residence in a glass house here.  I cannot be doing with the towel two step let alone dry robes, adopting instead the ‘get changed, do it swiftly and discretely and don’t look at the person standing next to you’ method.

Now, if I stood and stared at one of the naturists I am fairly sure I’d get a slap.  Why then should one of them feel it appropriate to stare at me (wearing my swimming leggings, a sure indicator that I’m not one of the flashing community) and then come up to me to discuss the merits of waterproof cameras whilst hanging in the breeze?

By all means do your own thing, but please do it over there.

I have nothing against naturists.

And I would like to keep it that way.

But all that said, it is only for a few weeks in the year; September to May I have the place to myself.

Wild Swimming
Wild Swimming

3 thoughts on “The Towel Two Step

  1. dartswimmer June 8, 2017 / 6:47 pm

    Scabbacombe beach is a favorite place of mine for a secluded dip and I wholeheartedly agree with your comments about flashing, nudists should keep themselves to themselves and generally the ones I know that are locals do that very well, flaunting it around is wrong on a mixed beach with children….. I’ve seen that on my visits in the past, however it’s a gorgeous beach with great swimming and very quiet most of the year…….so we’ll written and hope it was a great swim, I love the swim around the corner to Long Sands, quite a challenge at high tide!
    Great blog and really enjoy reading your adventures, happy swimming 😊👍


    • OpenSkySwimmer June 9, 2017 / 7:44 am

      At very low tide you can walk round to Long Sands and from there it is easy to get right through to Short Sands and up the path there. However apart from on a high tide when a swim around the rocks at the end of the beach is very pleasant or a swim out to Cod Rock I don’t rate the swimming at Long Sands.

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      • dartswimmer June 9, 2017 / 9:34 am

        Never swam out to Cod Rock, I normally swim out of the little cove at Man Sands 😊 agreed the swimming is poor further along along with a bugger to get to but it is deserted, take care 👍


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