Hair Care

It has probably not gone unnoticed that I have quite long hair.  It is not in great condition.  No amount of hair care products, no matter what they claim, can combat almost daily dunking in the sea.  Terribly corrosive stuff that salt.

Help is however now at hand.  Not some miracle Pantene breakthrough, no, simpler than that, stop washing it.

Uh, gross!

Well, not exactly stop washing entirely.

The River Dart warms up ever so quickly in the spring, the dark peaty water sucks up sunshine like a camel sucks up water.  Take today for instance, it is 5:30 in the evening and I am being cooked in the sunshine as I get changed on the river bank.  The forecaster did warn me earlier about sunburn, though that was hard to believe when there was frost on the shed roof again this morning.  However, diving down into the water just 8 feet deep and it is pretty dark, all that heat and sunshine went somewhere.  In just two weeks the water has gone from rip your face off cold to that’s about okay as I swim down along the river bed.

And that’s the point really, from here on my hair will get at least a once a day dunking and it is the best hair care ever invented.  Whether it is the peat in the water or the dissolved minerals or the slight acidity I can’t say but it will rescue my hair from a winter of discontent and it smells nice too.

So, no more shampoo until October, what’s not to like?  Though on occasion I have turned up at work after an early morning dip and only then found a leaf or twig or bit of grass stuck in my ponytail, but I can live with that.

Just so long as I keep it out of the sea.

Wild Swimming
Wild Swimming

Wild Swimming Map: Devon & Cornwall



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